Monthly Archives: April 2007

We’d like to thank you Mrs. Hoover

This is the latest blanket I’ve been working on for the Preemie Project. I found the pattern at The contributor shared a neat story about the pattern–that the first lady graciously shared the pattern with someone who’d seen it and wondered about it (all through letters, I believe).

The cool thing about this pattern is that it is double knit all at the same time, and no seam is required to put the two sides together. I didn’t have enough yarn in any one color to make it solid (or just 2 colors) as the pattern suggested, but the stripes are turning out okay too.

*note: double-knitting takes a lot longer than regular knitting…

I am playing in a master class tomorrow. It was just announced last week, so I’ve known for a full week now. I am not so worried that it won’t go well, I just find it sort of bothersome, as I would rather practice more relevant things than old etudes…of course considering such old etudes can show up on my jury I guess this is possibly relevant.

Of course, my motivation for practicing is about nil right now…I have a lot of different stuff to work with, and prioritizing with the limited amount of time I have to practice (or the limited amount of time my mouth has for practicing) is pretty tough. I wish my days weren’t scheduled in such inanimate blocks. I should have fewer classes or something and space it all out.

Either that or not enjoy being outside of the music building so much. If I really liked being in there, in those dark and disagreeable rooms, that would be motivation enough. It’s that time of year when the weather improves more and more and the practice rooms get hotter, smellier, and retain humidity more. People should not be allowed to wear cologne or perfume for this reason…these small rooms trap their scent and we wind players are forced to take in exorbitant amounts of it.

But music theory homework has to be finished for tomorrow, so I’ll stop.

I’m currently knitting several things: a blanket for the preemie project, a test swatch of wool for felting (probably enough for a small clutch), a bandage for another volunteer thing (which is really cool…I could probably try to find a link to put on here), and probably a few other things at home…