Monthly Archives: May 2007

Summer knitting

I love summer. Its wonders and inactivity tickle my fancy major-big-time…until I get a tiny bit bored, but in all, I can’t complain.

My knit-list is rather lengthy as I write; I have three projects in progress and a number of pattern ideas milling around in my head. I have also taken to doctoring up t-shirts a little. And I’m looking to sew another quilt, my fifth. The creative juices are spinning.

The Double-Knit Hoover blanket is unfortunately not coming along very quickly. My motivation died shortly after that picture, though I have added about an inch of the blue. The Preemie Project is really in need of large blankets (like my Hoover blanket), pink and blue booties, and pink and blue hats. Bereavement Items are also in demand.

I have started my first sweater (a pink cotton cardigan, which I am sure will show up in some form on this blog once I get more of it finished) and my first felted bag as well. I made a swatch of wool (delightful “lemongrass” by Lion Brand) to felt and feel now as though I wasted the time and material. It’s such a lovely color. No matter. I plan to sew it up and felt it as well, perhaps turning it into a moderately useless clutch or reed case cover or something. It’s too pretty to not use.

A friend of mine who works in my dad’s office lent me two books, Alterknits and One Skein Knitting (I hope I didn’t mess up the title for that last one). Both are readily available at the bookstores around here and are presumably for sale as well. I am inspired a little bit by both of them to come up with some different patterns of my own this summer. I even tried knitting with plastic bags, since we have such a…collection…they are a little difficult to work with, in that they grab the needles (big needles, at least…I was having better luck with small needles before I was called to dinner and left it to rot or sit on my floor). I don’t think I’ll do much with that, but the destruction of t-shirts (thanks to a book called Generation T or something like that) I have gotten the idea to knit with some t-shirt strips. We shall see :).

One more project on the to-do list (besides a few afghans I’d love to start and finish) is knitting bandages for tropical ulcer patients to be distributed by Global Health Ministries. Their website (which I hadn’t looked at before re-finding this sheet) is

Add to that music camp (counseling), clarinet practicing, and time with my new guitar, and I hardly have time to find employment :).

Peace to you!