Monthly Archives: June 2007

Pictures will follow soon, hopefully, but I’ve been working on my first ever felted bag. So far I am pretty happy with the felting process, and am currently waiting for the third round to finish up. I hope to not go too far.

My clarinet professor has put in a good word for me at a local knitting shop she frequents. Sadly I do not have time to work during the school year and no where to live during the summer…but perhaps something will work out. I very much enjoy working with others who’d like to learn. I like to learn too, of course…

In music news I am struggling with the adult clarinet ensemble I’m leading. They’re really sweet people (one might be a little rough around the edges), but I simply lack the self confidence to get up there and tell them how it’s going to be. My goodness, I have a lot to learn before I will ever be given a classroom of my own.

Camp is going well, other than that. I am not terribly busy, which isn’t terribly awful :).