Monthly Archives: August 2007

Unfinished Business

I have the dilemma of a short period of freedom left and a vast number of unfinished projects before school starts. I am also in the middle of a quilt which I am quilting by hand. That in itself should take at least the rest of the summer, if not longer, and I am saddened by that because it was intended to be a birthday present for my dad. For some reason it seems to be going a lot slower than when I worked with the quilting circle in Iowa City, but I presume it has to do with constantly adjusting the frame (I’m using a hoop instead of the conveniently large frames at the JCSC) and the lack of experienced older women who so look forward to quilting twice a week for four hours. 2 hours is about all I can tackle at a time.

This summer I have dibbled most in mittens and puppets, although I have a rug and a baby blanket which could reasonably be finished before school. I have also made 2 scrumptious felted bags, the first of which I posted about last time. The second is one I made for my sister. She seems to find it useful, and I am considering trying it one more time and editing the written pattern for a possible submission to knitty. We’ll see though.

Mittens are quite a happy thing to knit, except for guessing hand size. I tried comparing my hands in pictures to some of my friends, but struggled a lot. I believe I will take photos (as inconspicuously as possible) of their hands outstretched in relation to familiar objects (my hand, a notebook, a pen, I don’t know) and hopefully that will help. I don’t really know when I’ll do that, of course :). I attempted to modify a fingerless glove pattern to mittens for a friend, but in my greatest attempt to fit it to her petite hands, I believe I may have gone too far; I created very miniature mitts with a pretty beefy cuff. The cables look pretty nice though, which is a comfort. I may frog it and try a more standard pattern with it and the remainder of the skein, which successfully yielded 2 pairs in 4 days for me.

I am also trying a knitted beret pattern. It looks pretty simple, and is my first in-the-round hat. So far so good, but it’s slow knitting because the 16″ circular needles I’m using have such short needles that I can barely hang on to them. No matter. I’ll finish it eventually and decide whether or not to use more precious yarn than the acrylic and ancient yarn purchased from a consignment shop. It is softer than Red Heart (much like caron supersoft), but the color is a little too neutral…it might not be overly useful. I’ll determine that when it’s finished, of course.