Monthly Archives: January 2008

hyper knitter woes

I can’t seem to finish projects. That isn’t true, really. I finish projects, but I start like 5 different ones between starting one and finishing it.

I’m an ambitious knitter too–I have all these lovely gifts and deadlines to meet. They pass, I feel bad, I start more projects :).

I really want to knit a vest for my grandma; she’s a sweet heart to the 99th power and requested one! I am a little disappointed with the yarn quest I’ve endured so far. She wants a cranberry tweed (with beige flecks)…but not too purple. It has to be acryllic (washable, you know). I have found a few reddish tweeds with some nice multicolored flecks in wool blends. Those don’t really count, though. I don’t have a pattern yet, either. Ravelry was ideally going to provide that for me, but I have barely scraped the surface. And I’ve never made a sweater before. This will be interesting, for sure.

I strive to finish my mittens tonight. And another hat. Then it’s a mitten and a scarf (bleh) away from my New Year’s resolution to at least finish my current knitting projects before starting more. I am not counting crocheting because it’s such a spastic habit of mine anyway. I don’t end up liking half of what I start.

Winter break is half over. I am elated to be more than halfway through some work I took home for a professor of mine, but it’s slow going and my attention span rivals that of my knitting attention span (although it might be worse).

I’ve found some motivation. I must redeem myself for the day!