all i ever needed to know about crocheting

I am a crocheter. This dismays friends who knit. Even Stephanie McPhee (did I goof that) disapproves in her lovable book Yarn Harlot, but I cannot help it.

There are things which ought not be crocheted. Sweaters being top at the list. Sorry to offend, but the stiff, squeaky crocheted sweaters I have seen in my life are not good for any look. The lacy ones are fine, but there are lots of things that are fine. Like:
bags–crocheted bags have the support only felted/lined/cabled knit bags have…without felting, lining or cabling!
some fashionable hats (not a nice, stretchy knit cap replacement…we’re talking novelty hat that I would likely never wear)
granny squares. If there were a good knitted replacement, I may never have learned how to crochet at all.

It’s a highly useful and quick skill…even if it does take extra yarn. I’m glad I know it.

I have lately started making a bag that’s “due” tomorrow. Someone’s having a birthday and I can’t possibly hope to knit and felt a bag for her, but I just finished knitting a hat and mittens for her…so what other small project exists (except for a toy? I don’t think she’d appreciate a toy so much…but perhaps I don’t know her well enough?).

Anyway…even if I don’t finish this little bag, it’s still an adventure well worth the time away from homework. I bet I’ll feel differently a couple days from now when I end up with neither bag nor homework finished, but I like to think it’s all going to come together…ha.

Peace to you! Stay warm!!


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