Monthly Archives: March 2008

Hmm. WordPress?

I’m a blog fiend.  First, Livejournal, then Xanga, then Blogger, now WordPress.  Have to say, I enjoy the additional features here, but wow.  I may be overdoing it.

Knitting like crazy will commence during finals week.  Or possibly not until I get home because I will have so many things to catch do then.  either way, I look forward to it.

A shrug, a shrug!

I am knitting a shrug from One-Skein Wonders.

I neglected to use Aran-weight yarn. I am substituting homespun. I have a lot of that, and I have no chance to shop for the recommended yarn. Oh well. I am in love with a shrug I bought from Express and am determined to dress more fashionably. This is where knitting comes in, yes? And because I am an experienced Mitten maker, I am hopefully extending the tiny cap sleeves to be more of short-sleeves. Only problem is that I have just one skein…so I will wait to do that extension until after completing the body. Then, if I don’t have enough yarn to extend the sleeves, I can just bind them off where they are. Creative, I know.

Anyway, besides this knitting project, I am very much without others because I have so much school work to focus on. Four midterms in as many weeks, a research paper, a clarinet jury, a bridal shower (SO excited), family stuff, and some final projects that are lightyears away from completion. Knitting is for…I don’t know when, but it’ll be grand when that time comes.

I am also recovered fully from a trip to NYC with the University band. We did a crazy tourist smattering along with an unforgettable performance at Carnegie Hall and hardly any sleep. I only got in 5 hours the night we came back, but today I slept a full 10. Sweetness. I am pausing in studying to write this and make lunch, but I must return to the books.

Take care and read some Psalms. They are totally awesome and remind me to bring every thought and request and praise to God for his goodness.

Peace to you!

[K]not knitting, or studying, or writing

I am awaiting a test in Language and Society, the lone Gen Ed. requirement of the semester. I find that it is a relatively simple thing to study for, though I am not sure that I know enough about it. I will feel really bad if I don’t do well, but the circumstances are not conducive to careful, diligent study. I actually look forward to writing the paper that isn’t due until Friday, though I could hardly bring myself to working on it this weekend. My backwards are priority. 😀

I’ve lately begun knitting a log cabin blanket, courtesy of Mason Dixon Knitting. When I noticed the mention for Mason Dixon knitting on Ravelry I immediately thought of the book, which is checked out at the library right now (and I am not capable of making a hold online because I forgot the lovely PIN that I supposedly set while I was setting up my library account). I was sad to be denied the technique, though examples of Ravelry were both good and bad. I was happy to find mention of the blog in the Ravelry forums, however…so now I’m trying. Anyway, I’m bad at it, so I applaud those who make theirs look good. I have trouble picking up stitches consistently and evenly…so I get lumpy first rows. Not so good. I don’t have any special intentions for this blanket.

I’m stressed to the max lately…too much stuff going on this week. Blast. I look forward to knitting a little during break. Perhaps on the plane.

Peace to you!