[K]not knitting, or studying, or writing

I am awaiting a test in Language and Society, the lone Gen Ed. requirement of the semester. I find that it is a relatively simple thing to study for, though I am not sure that I know enough about it. I will feel really bad if I don’t do well, but the circumstances are not conducive to careful, diligent study. I actually look forward to writing the paper that isn’t due until Friday, though I could hardly bring myself to working on it this weekend. My backwards are priority. šŸ˜€

I’ve lately begun knitting a log cabin blanket, courtesy of Mason Dixon Knitting. When I noticed the mention for Mason Dixon knitting on Ravelry I immediately thought of the book, which is checked out at the library right now (and I am not capable of making a hold online because I forgot the lovely PIN that I supposedly set while I was setting up my library account). I was sad to be denied the technique, though examples of Ravelry were both good and bad. I was happy to find mention of the blog in the Ravelry forums, however…so now I’m trying. Anyway, I’m bad at it, so I applaud those who make theirs look good. I have trouble picking up stitches consistently and evenly…so I get lumpy first rows. Not so good. I don’t have any special intentions for this blanket.

I’m stressed to the max lately…too much stuff going on this week. Blast. I look forward to knitting a little during break. Perhaps on the plane.

Peace to you!

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