Monthly Archives: April 2008

I like the green, but…

It rained all day.   It’s still raining.  I love rain, truly.  The grass is actually green (hence the title).   That one shade of spring green that you get for a short period of time.  It’s young, it’s cute, it’s temporary.

But it’s cold.  Ever so cold.  The rain and the cold made today pretty miserable.  There’s only so much protection an umbrella can offer (and it’s perfectly necessary to attempt to save my backpack’s contents.  That and I don’t have a raincoat).  Anyway…

I knitted!  A really crummy looking rose.  The ravelry picture for the pattern looked pretty good, but this one did not.  Alas, alas.  Such is life.  I was hoping to make a little rose to give to a senior recitalist, but it was not worth giving away.

Speaking of such recitals, I have begun selecting music.  I’m looking at the Brahms E-flat (which I am working on a little bit this semester already) and the Bernstein.  More to come later.


Sour Milk

I am curious whether or not the milk in my milky tea was in fact sour. The smell of the carton is sour, but it always is around the lid…the old stuff dries on there and stinks. There were some little flecks of milk chunkies at the top of my tea, but that might’ve been because it tends to do that (even when it isn’t old) if it sits for a day or more in the fridge without being disturbed.

The trouble is that it is a flavored tea (maple! from a friend) with a lotta sugar in it. So I can’t tell. And I had a piece of chocolate before I started drinking it. Oops.

If I get violently ill in an hour, we’ll know why…