Monthly Archives: May 2008

it’s the end

I’m delighted to be heading home tomorrow, but there is still soooo much to do.  For instance, a final tomorrow morning.  Another thing to finish is a project for a friend (both the project and the person will remain nameless so as not to ruin the surprise).  And packing.  Yeesh.  I have really only started.  I have no idea how I’m going to pack everything…I definitely don’t have enough boxes…and as much as I dread the idea of garbage bags, it’s looking likely.

I’ve been working on some miltered squares (sp?) based on the Heathen Housewife’s pattern (she’s a blogger I found on Ravelry…there’s a whole “project” dedicated to a blanket she made…people sent her leftovers of sock yarn and she knitted them into an adorable blanket).  I’ve also been trying some things from Ravelry, though it’s not borrowed time, it’s stolen time.  I should be more dedicated to studying, for sure.

Living in the dorms is over for me as of tomorrow.  That’s a frightening and relieving prospect, as I am anticipating a year off campus (well, a life off-campus).  That being said, I anticipate passing all of my courses and never living in the dorms again.  As convenient as they are, here’s to multiple rooms in one dwelling and a kitchen!  Can you say private bath?  Hooray.

My hand cracked open in a tiny spot on my palm yesterday and it hurts.  Dang.

My quilt is unfinished business.  And that stinks like crazy because I was really hoping to pick it up one of these times.  Man.  I called about it, and apparently no one is there yet.  Hello, ladies…it’s 8:46.  You should be quilting, not sleeping! :).  Just kidding…they’re sweethearts.  I have no idea why they aren’t there at a bright and early hour, but I can’t question it.

And now I must go about my daily business.  studying. packing. all that stuff.