Monthly Archives: June 2008

Riverside as we know it

You know what’s incredible?  My dream job this summer.  Yep.  Incredible.

Why on earth did I neglect to work at  Riverside before this summer?  First of all, it’s incredibly awesome.  I am learning about Jesus.  I am talking about Jesus.  I am with kids.  I am among Christians.  It’s camp–outside stuff, games, campfires, guitars, fun.  The people are awesome.  The programming is beneficial for me too.  Secondly, I’m getting paid–that’s unreal.  I hardly need the pay, it’s so fun.  The only drawback is being away from Dad and K so much, but we’re working through that.

I’ve been on daycamp twice so far, and although it’s quite a great experience to immerse yourself in a small town of Iowa with the help of a bunch of helpers and a small, tight-knit team, I am most excited for my time at camp.  We’re heading into a week off now, but right after that is Week #5 of camp and I get to be onsite.  Because I play guitar, chances of me being on day camp went up like crazy, but alas, I am on site again!

I am exceptionally pleased with the sense of community I am enjoying with our staff.  There isn’t a lot of time for missing folks at school (sad but true) because there isn’t much time for anything besides campers, but even when I am gone a week, people I technically have not known for too long have missed me and are concerned.  The two weeks we spent intensively training together were great for bonding, and it’s great.

I am also exceptionally pleased with what I’ve been learning this summer about God’s kingdom.  I am not sure I could sit down and write everything down, but I have (with the help of so many who put hours into making bible studies and programs, shares, mimes, musicals, etc) been making a ton of connections with the things I’ve been exposed to.  And I’m craving, craving, craving scripture reading.  An hour a day won’t cut it–got to have it.  Hopefully I’ll be digging in like crazy when I am not packing this week.

I’m tired tonight. I did a lot of physical work for my day camp cleaning Friday on site…so I’ll probably turn in before long…though I am rather looking forward to listening to the gobs of new music that K and I have yet to listen to together.

It’s good to be back!