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second minute

So day 1.5 of the first minute challenge and it’s more like the second minute…or third or fourth.  I forget that I’m doing something new until I’m almost finished with it.  You’d think that would be enough of a reminder to start a-prayin’ in the following activity, which would have just started…but nope.  Oh well.

I was looking at a facebook friend’s engagement photos.  Not a great use of time…but they were really good.  I don’t really know her well (and her fiance at all), so though I’m happy for them, I’m not really so very excited.  It’s an odd sentiment to describe.

Whew.  I am so wiped.  I have another class tonight–a doozy.  7-9:30.  And I’m co-leading…which means I can’t put on my tired face and zone out.  Well,  I could, but I’d lose more than the menial participation points.  We’re talking 15-20% of my grade represented in this co-leading.  yikes.

Maybe I’ll take a nap.



Today in church our pastor challenged us to learn how to pray constantly by praying the first minute.  The first minute of what?  Of Everything.

What does that look like?  I’ll give you like ten examples, all within the first hour of being awake.
Pray the first minute you’re awake.
Pray the first minute you’re in the shower.
Pray the first minute you’re drinking your coffee.
Pray the first minute you skim the headlines of the newspaper.
Pray the first minute you eat breakfast.
Pray the first minute you are on your computer.
Pray the first minute of your quiet time.
Pray the first minute you’re walking to class.
Pray the first minute you’re in class.
Pray the first minute of the test you take in that class.

Pretty much, just try it.  I honestly have found myself missing a lot of first minutes today since hearing the sermon.  I’ll sit down and do something without even noticing that I missed the first minute…that of course isn’t a hard and fast rule.  You could probably go with another system, but I think I’ll try it and see if I can improve my frequency in even a week.  The first minute I sit down to knit a sock, write a letter, read an assignment, study for a test, watch tv/movie, do dishes.

that. is. my. challenge.

Now I’m going to go read a band methods assignment. correction:  i’m going to pray for a minute before starting my band methods assignment :).

turn signal good-ness

If my car had a radio, I think this post would have more relevance.

Exciting (or good-ness, whatever you prefer) is when your turn signal lines up with someone else’s (usually in front of you).  Or when that turn signal lines up with the song on your radio.

Strange is the turn signal in my car, which sometimes is much slower than others.  Eerily.  I wonder if it will eventually go out.  I probably shouldn’t even think about that…heh.

Ding!  Laundry’s ready.  peace.

the ghost flies of dress rehearsals

Back in the glory days, before the flood, whenever we had dress rehearsals in band, pale and slow flies would be on stage with us.  Landing on our music (blocking notes) or our selves (highly disturbing on the nose, I’ll add).  You could kill them without much effort, but the “smack” right in the middle of a serene section of the insanely long and difficult piece we were playing would be outrageous.  There would not be enough time to start the piece over, so you really just needed to wave it away a couple dozen times and try for a kill between movements.

Today, in our new location there was a fly that would not leave the clarinets alone.  It landed on my stand partner, bless her, while she played a solo.  I nearly shooed it away…but I thought that might distract her from her music making.  So annoying, and yet so very traditional.

I’m going to see Shane and Shane play tonight.  pretty excited.  I’ve even gone as far as playing the 3 songs I own by shane and shane over and over.  I should probably get more of their music one of these times.

I desperately want to knit.  I want to knit mittens or a hat or both or neither…don’t really care. want to knit regardless.  Must do homework.  And practice.  meh.

Better get on that homework detail.  We’ll probably head out to the concert soon.  peace, dawgs.


brokenness is crying in the library, going to the bathroom to dry up, and crying on the walk home.

I was initially upset because of a class that is beyond my reach…I’m required to be vocal  (both online and in class) about tough issues…I don’t mind thinking about them, but I’m sort of penalized for not having well-developed positions on issues.  I was upset about a grade.

On my walk home I was upset because I am so preoccupied with a stinking grade.  Pride goes before the fall, right?  I thought I was over this stuff.  Getting upset about grades and the like.  Not so much, apparently.  There are things in this world I should be weeping for.  The lost being at the top of the list.  And I’m ready to crumple to the ground and sob about the injustice of a subjective grade?

I need a change.  And isn’t that what brokenness is about?

and what do i have to show for it?

I spent a fair amount of time working on my registration and information materials for student teaching tonight…actually within the last hour.  I had spent some time on other aspects of the application over the weekend and earlier today, but I had to sit down and sort through it so I could gain my bearings.  I lack proof of insurance (which affects two things on my checklist) and proof of liability coverage.  I also lack a passport, but that’s not required yet…i’ll need proof of citizenship (i.e. birth certificate) to get that, however.

I said last night that I need to pray.  I do.  I’m actually doing a study with my discipler on prayer for the sole (or soul? 🙂 ) purpose of learning why it is important and effective.  I’m really excited.

I guess I should go to bed.

1 thessalonians 2:4.  yep.

mia from gia

I bought a book called Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band:  Vol. 2.  It’s great (published by gia…hence subject).

missing in action (mia) are pages 431-462.

So what do you do when your book’s missing that much info?  It’s funny because when I looked through the table of contents to the “teacher’s resource section,” the only piece I wanted to read about was on page 456.  Bummer, huh.

One of these times I’ll write something interesting.  For now I just want to pray.  I’ve watched a lot of Rob Bell’s videos on youtube today, instead of homework and instead of quiet time, but his video “silence” got me to thinking…so yeah.  Check it.


just like this...just with more pages (and yet not enough)

just like this...just with more pages (and yet not enough)


I had to switch sections of a class today.  I’ve met with that section a total of 4 times for roughly 6 hours.  I was really disappointed to have to switch, but it was necessary in order to accomodate practicum.  I admired my teaching assistant very much.  Perhaps for the wrong reasons–she reminded me very much of my ninth grade English teacher.  The subject material was different, but worthwhile.  Anyway, though I am sure I’ll enjoy my new class just as much as possible (despite it being another night class–those are my least favorite of all time) I am a little sad to leave the classmates I’ve already gathered the courage enough to contribute to controversial discussions.  But I am in need of an attitude adjustment, regardless.

That means that I have a total of 4/5 nights busy.  Yikes.  I am really more of a morning person.  Granted, my mornings are considerably less packed until practicum starts in a few weeks, but not really a schedule I prefer.

In knitting news, I’m almost finished with my Ombre afghan for a couple of friends of mine who are getting married.  I picked soft acryllic yarn (I was initially opposed to acryllic yarn, but the other stuff is so expensive…and my lone opportunity to buy the yarn during my busy summer left few options for yarn stores…so I made a bit of a sacrifice).  Anyway, I figure it’s at least washable.  And, it’s soft, super warm, and it lays really well.  I can’t describe it, but somehow even though it’s a dense fabric, its flexibility is quite appeasing.  ha.  Good thing I’m almost finished because the wedding is this Saturday.  Oops… 🙂

I should really do some homework.  Nothing due tomorrow, persay, but I have to get caught up with that class I added.  Fortunately some of the articles are the same.

Okay.  Peace to you and stay dry out there…