Daily Archives: September 4, 2008


I had to switch sections of a class today.  I’ve met with that section a total of 4 times for roughly 6 hours.  I was really disappointed to have to switch, but it was necessary in order to accomodate practicum.  I admired my teaching assistant very much.  Perhaps for the wrong reasons–she reminded me very much of my ninth grade English teacher.  The subject material was different, but worthwhile.  Anyway, though I am sure I’ll enjoy my new class just as much as possible (despite it being another night class–those are my least favorite of all time) I am a little sad to leave the classmates I’ve already gathered the courage enough to contribute to controversial discussions.  But I am in need of an attitude adjustment, regardless.

That means that I have a total of 4/5 nights busy.  Yikes.  I am really more of a morning person.  Granted, my mornings are considerably less packed until practicum starts in a few weeks, but not really a schedule I prefer.

In knitting news, I’m almost finished with my Ombre afghan for a couple of friends of mine who are getting married.  I picked soft acryllic yarn (I was initially opposed to acryllic yarn, but the other stuff is so expensive…and my lone opportunity to buy the yarn during my busy summer left few options for yarn stores…so I made a bit of a sacrifice).  Anyway, I figure it’s at least washable.  And, it’s soft, super warm, and it lays really well.  I can’t describe it, but somehow even though it’s a dense fabric, its flexibility is quite appeasing.  ha.  Good thing I’m almost finished because the wedding is this Saturday.  Oops… 🙂

I should really do some homework.  Nothing due tomorrow, persay, but I have to get caught up with that class I added.  Fortunately some of the articles are the same.

Okay.  Peace to you and stay dry out there…