Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

the ghost flies of dress rehearsals

Back in the glory days, before the flood, whenever we had dress rehearsals in band, pale and slow flies would be on stage with us.  Landing on our music (blocking notes) or our selves (highly disturbing on the nose, I’ll add).  You could kill them without much effort, but the “smack” right in the middle of a serene section of the insanely long and difficult piece we were playing would be outrageous.  There would not be enough time to start the piece over, so you really just needed to wave it away a couple dozen times and try for a kill between movements.

Today, in our new location there was a fly that would not leave the clarinets alone.  It landed on my stand partner, bless her, while she played a solo.  I nearly shooed it away…but I thought that might distract her from her music making.  So annoying, and yet so very traditional.

I’m going to see Shane and Shane play tonight.  pretty excited.  I’ve even gone as far as playing the 3 songs I own by shane and shane over and over.  I should probably get more of their music one of these times.

I desperately want to knit.  I want to knit mittens or a hat or both or neither…don’t really care. want to knit regardless.  Must do homework.  And practice.  meh.

Better get on that homework detail.  We’ll probably head out to the concert soon.  peace, dawgs.