Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

second minute

So day 1.5 of the first minute challenge and it’s more like the second minute…or third or fourth.  I forget that I’m doing something new until I’m almost finished with it.  You’d think that would be enough of a reminder to start a-prayin’ in the following activity, which would have just started…but nope.  Oh well.

I was looking at a facebook friend’s engagement photos.  Not a great use of time…but they were really good.  I don’t really know her well (and her fiance at all), so though I’m happy for them, I’m not really so very excited.  It’s an odd sentiment to describe.

Whew.  I am so wiped.  I have another class tonight–a doozy.  7-9:30.  And I’m co-leading…which means I can’t put on my tired face and zone out.  Well,  I could, but I’d lose more than the menial participation points.  We’re talking 15-20% of my grade represented in this co-leading.  yikes.

Maybe I’ll take a nap.



Today in church our pastor challenged us to learn how to pray constantly by praying the first minute.  The first minute of what?  Of Everything.

What does that look like?  I’ll give you like ten examples, all within the first hour of being awake.
Pray the first minute you’re awake.
Pray the first minute you’re in the shower.
Pray the first minute you’re drinking your coffee.
Pray the first minute you skim the headlines of the newspaper.
Pray the first minute you eat breakfast.
Pray the first minute you are on your computer.
Pray the first minute of your quiet time.
Pray the first minute you’re walking to class.
Pray the first minute you’re in class.
Pray the first minute of the test you take in that class.

Pretty much, just try it.  I honestly have found myself missing a lot of first minutes today since hearing the sermon.  I’ll sit down and do something without even noticing that I missed the first minute…that of course isn’t a hard and fast rule.  You could probably go with another system, but I think I’ll try it and see if I can improve my frequency in even a week.  The first minute I sit down to knit a sock, write a letter, read an assignment, study for a test, watch tv/movie, do dishes.

that. is. my. challenge.

Now I’m going to go read a band methods assignment. correction:  i’m going to pray for a minute before starting my band methods assignment :).