second minute

So day 1.5 of the first minute challenge and it’s more like the second minute…or third or fourth.  I forget that I’m doing something new until I’m almost finished with it.  You’d think that would be enough of a reminder to start a-prayin’ in the following activity, which would have just started…but nope.  Oh well.

I was looking at a facebook friend’s engagement photos.  Not a great use of time…but they were really good.  I don’t really know her well (and her fiance at all), so though I’m happy for them, I’m not really so very excited.  It’s an odd sentiment to describe.

Whew.  I am so wiped.  I have another class tonight–a doozy.  7-9:30.  And I’m co-leading…which means I can’t put on my tired face and zone out.  Well,  I could, but I’d lose more than the menial participation points.  We’re talking 15-20% of my grade represented in this co-leading.  yikes.

Maybe I’ll take a nap.


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