you know what?

I watched a bit of the DVD that came with k’s shane & shane CD from the concert we went to the other night…and I learned some things about the geetar.  I hope to be applying these things and some otra leccions to my own playing.

And I was a teacher today.  You want an ego booster?  Stand in front of a classroom of adoring elementary students.  Stinkers…yeah…well.  They are surprisingly no match to the elation I felt by being loved, even just a tiny bit, by my new students.  And another surprise:  I wasn’t all that tired, though I was with them for five hours.  Wanna know my secret?  CAMP.  Day camp, more specifically.  The 9-2 action of day camp more than prepared me for this experience.  Hotcha.

Disclaimer:  when I say I was in front of them for five hours, I was participating with them more than teaching them.  I give all credit to my cooperating teacher for her devotion and planning.

And can I just add one more thing?  Jumproping is coming back, baby.  Oh. yeah.  I was never the queen, but I spent a lot of time doing it, and it was in one of the lesson plans today.  HOT.


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