Daily Archives: October 10, 2008

honest, clueless citizen

I was walking to class today, looking at the ground (which I have come into the habit of doing lately) when I spied a manly wallet open on the ground.  Dang, I thought.  I found a wallet.  I can’t leave it here because someone else might not do the right thing.  I don’t like to take it because the person might know the folks at the house he dropped it in front of…or someone could have stolen it and dropped it there…and I was off to practice anyway…running late.  The long and short of it is that I picked it up with my gloved hand (nice how that works out on a cold morning) and turned the corner, heading towards city hall.  As I walked I couldn’t help but think:  wow.  I thought of it in terms of a crime or a Bones episode.  What if they thought I was supsicious or had taken something from the wallet?  I didn’t.  I did peek inside to see who it belonged to.  A guy who lives in the dorms…pretty sure he’ll miss it.  So hopefully the police (who were not so eager to help) will track him down and return his stuffed, falling apart wallet.

Cool.  I’m headed back to camp for a weekend, and it’s going to be sweet like sugar.