Daily Archives: October 14, 2008


I have a lot to do.  I take every opportunity to lay it on thick and let people know how much I have to do.  It doesn’t sound like very much fun getting to know me in that respect.  What a downer…here’s a girl who actually made time to talk to me, but she’d rather be catching up in her behind-ness.

whoa.  Recharge was awesome this weekend.  It was as though I had never left, and it was such a refresher.  I admit I was a teensy bit wiped on Saturday, but it wasn’t anything a pop (bought with a check because my cash was in the car…far, far away from the camp store) couldn’t fix.  That’s good!  I had Junior High girls, and I loved it.  I am afraid the email list isn’t going to make it to me…I should’ve written down some email addresses.  The girls have no way of writing to me, though I promised to write back to them.  It’s something little I can do as their college friend.  Even a couple lines is better than nothing.

In band I am part of a chamber group that is playing Gordon Jacob’s Old Wine in New Bottles.  It’s a cute little piece.  And the best part–it’s not so quirky that I’m nervous about getting my part right.  I’ll never forget my first experience playing in a chamber ensemble…I wasn’t even principal but the part was atrocious.  And last year I was principal, but it wasn’t that fantastic of a piece.  Perhaps it was, but honestly I don’t remember.  The conductors who work with us (students) are typically not clarinetists, so they often just tell us to play quieter.  And it’s really funny.  According to these folks, all registers of the clarinet project well.  They’ll say while rehearsing:  “I know this is a bad register for you that really projects well, but I need less clarinet.”  Usually it’s referring to the throat tones…which don’t project.  Playing them quieter only makes their intonation more problematic.  And p.s.:  the clarinets only sound as loud as they do because you’re right in front of them.  Stand back and the blend will improve a lot.  It’s not as though we are actually playing forte ever…alas.

I put chili powder in my hot chocolate and it was amazing.  A little warmer, if that makes sense.  Not spicy though…I mean, it was a spice, but not burn your mouth hot.  But it was hot because the water was hot.  Ha.  Try it a little at a time.  It’s good.  It was an idea from Chocolat.  And a good one.

I’m going to brush the pearly whites and go to bed.  Long day in practicum tomorrow (hooray!).  peace.