the up and up

So I just got out of a test that I didn’t really study very well for…stupid preposition placement there.  I feel like it went okay, but I’ll probably get nailed because it was essay format…and writing (by hand) in logical sentences under a time limit is a straining accomplishment for me.  Ach, well.  On the bright side, I got three rubrics back from my HR TA (the one who is really tough), and I did remarkably well, especially compared to my previous grades.  For instance, the co-lead discussion I did a few weeks ago (and felt that I bombed particularly) was fantastic.  She took off one point.  No sweat, amiga!  The one from Monday (which went very well, I might add) also lost just one point.  And she really liked some of my online discussion posts.

Hot time in the ol’ time tonight, huh.

Yesterday I was down in the dumps big time.  My clarinet professor has been a bit elusive (for understandable reasons, I suppose, but aggravating nonetheless), so finally getting a coaching with her and the pianist who’s collaborating with me this morning was very, very sweet.  We actually got a lot done, which doesn’t often happen in said coachings.  I imagine when we get to the Brahms it’ll go back to crazy, but for now, we’re good.

And my recital date is probably going to be pushed back by another week.  My pianist has entered a national competition, and if she advances, the finals are Dec. 6, so we’ll go a little later.  I’m relieved, to be honest.  Practicing during t-giving break is always strenuous (because I’d much rather chill, so any practicing I do is rather labored), so i’m happy that I’ll at least have the additional week to recover the time away from my pianist and professor.

On Monday I made a reference to Billy Madison (yes, the Adam Sandler film) in the aforementioned co-lead, and it scored me some approval points.  She said on the rubric “relevant” in regards to it.  So, lesson learned:  pop culture consumed years ago may prove to be worth something…eventually :).

I’m out.  It’s gorgeous outside today (funny how the weather is a metaphor for my mood in the last two days…).  peace.

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