Daily Archives: October 25, 2008


Fall smells abound.

I baked 2 apple pies with the help of my dear friend and teacher tonight.  SO good.  And easy as pie?  Yep.  Pretty much says it all.  You start with ugggggly apples, peel them till they’re not ugly, slice them up a bit, stir in the proper ingredients and throw it in a pie crust to bake.  The pie crust consistency is a little tricky (but I had a pro teaching me), but it’s simple to roll out and such…one of many tricks I learned tonight is that you should roll out pie crusts on a flour sack dishtowel.  yep.  Think of the advantages such a flexible and non-sticky material might have on getting a crust into a pie plate/tin.  Genius.  Using the rolling pin in this endeavour is also beneficial.

A roommate of mine is baking seven layer bars.  MMMM.  So good.

And K just did laundry so our room smells like her fabric softener.  YES.

Tonight is a good night to be a nose.

and i’m going to bed.