God has been speaking to my heart about fear lately.  It is a theme that keeps coming up in conversation, no matter where I am.  A missionary spoke to our church and later to our campus ministry about fear.  I heard a random Chuck Swindoll sermon on the radio about fear tonight.  A couple of the folks at camp talked about fear this past weekend.  At least I think they did.  They mentioned it, anyway.

I find it interesting that God has something to say to me about fear right now because though I’ve been pretty nonchalant about the impending future (which is coming up in something like 22 days of class and a couple finals, one of which I still need to reschedule–ack. tomorrow), the openness of what lies ahead in addition to leaving my church and my home for the last three and a half years gives me a twang of fear.  That grows when I let it; it grows when I trust that irrational judgment more than the will God has for my life.

In other news, the election is finally over.  I am not going to comment on the outcome because I avoid political jargon like the plague, but I am concerned about the divisive nature of this election.  Democrats threatened to move to Canada if McCain won.  They won’t have to do that, of course, but on facebook (the ever-valid and upheld source of reason) one of the status updates included a message that said she wished all the Republicans would leave.  Excuse me?  I understand she doesn’t represent every person who voted for Obama or considers themself remotely democrat, but if anyone in America feels that way, what’s the sense of a democracy?  We need the opposing viewpoint if, for nothing else, to ensure some balance and some checks.  Granted, there are folks who will never ever in their wildest dreams support something with a conservative label on it (and vice versa for liberal labels), but that doesn’t mean what they want goes hands down.

And with that, let me conclude with a prayer request for Scott, Emily, and Madeline, and their big day tomorrow.

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