*cough cough*

It’s just the strangest thing.  I am sick, but my only symptom is a cough.  My energy and alertness are normal, I don’t ache (except I suppose now that I’ve been hacking my back, abs, and throat are getting a little fatigued), and I’m not tired.  My cough is awful though.  Not fun to have, but especially not fun to be around.  No tailgating for me.  This is excellent news for the pile of work I have to do…minus rehearsing with my trio.  Add to that the not-open University Archives and my weekend becomes a little less productive.

In conversation with my discipler yesterday, I was reminded of a quote from camp.  I’ll butcher it here:  if, in a given situation, you are seeking God, then it’s okay.  I need to make this my life’s work.  Yep.

It’s cold today.  Time for flannel sheets.  There’s snow falling from the sky!  Exciting, but not sticking, so even better.  I haven’t driven in the snow since…high school?  Peace to you!

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