i already wrote

i came back from dropping a friend off at his apartment to find both k and s asleep with the door locked.

It was kind of weird, to tell you the truth.

I find myself being slightly impatient with God’s timing.  Not to say I want him to ruin the surprise…just wondering about things I’ve been mulling over lately (last month or so) regarding the future.  Right now I’ve got on the docket teaching or camp in the forefront with a newer abroad kick.  That’s probably the result of a combination of things including a highly compelling speaker who is so passionate about the reaching of the unreached that it draws people in for more.  I suppose more than impatience I’m frustrated with myself for trying to contrive God’s will out of mine, rather than finding mine in His.  Kind of like the age old example of a child wanting to be an athlete or an artist without putting in the steps to get there. it’s a bad analogy because you can’t work hard enough to get your will, but the sequence is still important in both.  God’s sequence is important.  Sometimes, my discipler said yesterday, God gives in to our persistent demands, knowing that His gifts are more good and it takes us a while to realize He was right in the first place and the things we thought we wanted were not great like we thought.

Anywhoo…I’m back to coughing up a lung and I’ve got plenty to do tomorrow.  Peace, yo.

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