Monthly Archives: December 2008


I have been so lazy these past two days.  Incredibly so, especially as the semester has been neatly tied up and wrapped in history-decorated paper.  Figuratively, anyway.  Yesterday I didn’t even go outside, save for moving my car.  Today I went to church and later to the mall (to do some efficient Christmas shopping.  I knew what I wanted and I got it).  That was an improvement, but feeling generally isolated from those I love (excepting K, who is here with me), I indulged in three movies (two-and-a-half…starting It’s a Wonderful Life at 8:30 or so was a mistake, as I stretched out on the futon by about 9:00 and slept until a phone call at 11:00).  I even packed a little tonight, but I am in serious denial about leaving.

I found a piece of paper while packing that included a quote from a third or fourth grade boy I had the privilege of meeting earlier this semester.  We’d been talking about a piece of programmatic music (I want to say Schumann’s Fairy Tale Suite, but I might’ve goofed the composer…too lazy to check right now) that reached its predictable Fairy Tale ending with a wedding procession movement.  It was lovely music and when we were discussing the implication of a wedding procession, we had the chance to talk about weddings in general.  The boy I have in mind raised his hand and exclaimed when called upon that getting married is really awesome because that’s when you get to ride in a limo.  There you have it; it’s all about the limo ride :).  Won’t he be tickled when he finds he can ride in a limo to prom when he’s older.  No wedding vows needed.

I went to our Iowa City church for the last time as a regular attender.  I intend to go again when or if I visit, as it’s been a catalyst in my relationship with Christ…though the church body hasn’t sustained that relationship itself, it was there at the beginnings of its current state and it has been nurturing ever since.  I will really miss the community.  Granted, I wasn’t well-known there outside of the college ministry (and even there I was not widely known), but some dear friends and my discipler are there…I will inevitably miss them the most.

So I hope to stop being lazy.  I also hope to be growable.  Is that a word?  If not, at least let there be growth in my heart for Christ and for this world, that I may emulate His love for others and serve Him fully in response to the abundance of grace, mercy, faithfulness, and love He has shown me.  There’s a laundry list of things I want from God, but I desire to exchange that for his list of things He wants of me.  Novel idea…list swap=purpose shift.

And so to bed.  If I can get there…the laundry basket and tote box are in front of it.  Dang.  K’s asleep, so I’ll have to move them more quietly.  She’s a trooper, and smart to have gone to bed rather than sleep through the movie.  Wonder if we finished it or not.

Peace to you, and Merry Christmas, in case I don’t write before then.  Please know that the miracle birth of Christ is a gift given to you.  Not just a sweet event that coincides with a major commercial holiday.  “Jesus,” as the saying goes, “is the reason for the season.”


project fiend

7 minutes.  then project time.

my senior recital is progressing pretty well.  that is encouraging, especially since it’s this Saturday.  whoa.

my senior recital lacks a printed program.  and I lack an outfit.  oops.

i wish to be crafty and Christmas-y.  I desire deeply to read a book and watch movies and make Christmas gifts for those I love.

we’re in the middle of an ice-turning-to-snow-storm, as far as I know.  great.  I didn’t mind so much when I walked everywhere, but I have to drive to practicum tomorrow.  This is not fantastic news for me.

Okay. something like 5 minutes left.  I’m going to relocate to the living room and make some tea in that time.  peace.