Monthly Archives: January 2009

red shoes

I bought red shoes on super clearance yesterday.  They are really cute; a manmade paton-leather-like flat.  These shoes are very nice.  I know red shoes aren’t wholly practical, but these were the right price and they are modest enough to be appropriate in school or formal business (like when I get a suit and interview for jobs. if I interview.  I feel so ill-prepared.).

I went to Winter Jam with my friend.  The Afters rocked it, as did Barlow Girl.  TobyMac was great too.  Hate to be a fun hater, but his portion was just a little too loud.  At some point it becomes less enjoyable for me…and that was it.  I had a great time though.  Even knitted on my afghan before that.

I’m going to work on my lesson plans and head to church.  Of course we’ll have to clear our driveway first, as it snowed about 4 inches (?) last night.  If it snows tonight I might have a problem with a special meeting I get to attend.  We’ll see.  Peace!



I have an inviting/engaging smile, or so I have been told by a handful of people…mostly people evaluating some sort of teaching performance.

One teacher of mine accused me of using a smile as a mask for fear once.  I think I trust that majority rules on this one.  If most people (even people who do not know me well enough to know that I am smiley–my supervisor today) don’t assume I’m a scaredy cat, I’d say he was wrong and I can move on.

This is a liberating moment. 🙂

The plunge.

The house my family moved into this summer, while I was at camp, is a cozy house.  It has a cozy kitchen, a cozy little bedroom for me, and the coziest bathroom possible with a bathtub.  Because storage is at a premium in relation to the house we moved from, we invested in one of those above-toilet-shelving units that fits, despite the snug layout (sink next to toilet next to tub).  It is metal with the wire lattice shelves that resemble cooling racks.

These shelves (the wire part specifically) have caused frustration since coming home for winter break and now student teaching.  When you set bottles or tubes of hairgel/hand cream on the wire, you have to make sure they are balanced over the cross brace of the shelf or really carefully so that they do not wobble and tip over, crashing to the floor with a glorified clank as it hits the shelves below it on the way down.

More recently my toothbrush has been problematic.  I rest it on my toothpaste on the shelf.  The toothpaste lays there pretty well…it’s more or less flat, but I like to balance the brush so that it’s bristles do not touch the tube or the shelf.  I’ve had some teetering moments when I thought “It’d be a good idea to get a cup to put my toothbrush in, or my toothbrush could fall in the toilet directly below” but I neglected the idea for more pressing matters like going to bed or leaving for work on time.

Last night, I got ready for bed, balanced the hair gel tube and the lotion bottle on the shelves, brushed my teeth and balanced the toothbrush as described above.  The thought of it falling in the toilet crossed my mind again, as it wobbled for a second, but I steadied it and turned around to pick up some clothes on the floor I had exchanged for pajamas after my shower…when I heard a clunk, clunk I turned around, knowing what it was.  I watched in slow motion, in horror, as my toothbrush completed an Olympics competitive dive into the toilet…hardly any splash and straight entry…straight so the handle went down the hole-drain thing.  The bristle end was floating.

Gross, right?  The thing is, I had cleaned the toilet earlier in the day.  The brush would have been fine…had I not used the toilet since.  And I had only used it right before my shower…minutes before the final dive.

If there is a bright side, it is that it was a brush that was slightly bigger than I prefer.  I replaced it with a smaller, softer one that is working much better…in a cup by the sink when I’m not using it!

am I doing all I can?

A friend of mine has mentioned this question in regards to missions (and getting to the destination), but seeing as we, as followers of Christ, are missionaries wherever we are, I am led to ask this question of myself.  I say that I want to follow God.  I ask Him to guide my decisions and my place in life; I want to live in such a way that is pleasing to Him and glorifying to Him.  But am I doing everything I can to seek Him?  I know I don’t need to do anything, in fact I couldn’t possibly do enough to earn my place in heaven because it is a gift given freely, but in regards to my response I know I am lacking.  1 Thessalonians 5:17?  Nope.  I don’t pray without ceasing.

This is difficult to explain.  I think the way I spend my free time is most indicative of laziness.  I might knit, cruise the internet, dawdle in a book or baking, or carry on in an purposeless activity like sifting through piles of memories in boxes.  My quiet time is regular, but what if I traded in the ‘book for the Book?

My temporary plan of action to regain discipline in the Word and memorization is to spend longer doing it.  I’ll try praying the firsts again, too.  What a neat thing that is.  I also need to pray for a deeper attachment to the Lord and a need for his Heart and His Word.

student teaching is rocking so far.  7 weeks left here.  whoa.