red shoes

I bought red shoes on super clearance yesterday.  They are really cute; a manmade paton-leather-like flat.  These shoes are very nice.  I know red shoes aren’t wholly practical, but these were the right price and they are modest enough to be appropriate in school or formal business (like when I get a suit and interview for jobs. if I interview.  I feel so ill-prepared.).

I went to Winter Jam with my friend.  The Afters rocked it, as did Barlow Girl.  TobyMac was great too.  Hate to be a fun hater, but his portion was just a little too loud.  At some point it becomes less enjoyable for me…and that was it.  I had a great time though.  Even knitted on my afghan before that.

I’m going to work on my lesson plans and head to church.  Of course we’ll have to clear our driveway first, as it snowed about 4 inches (?) last night.  If it snows tonight I might have a problem with a special meeting I get to attend.  We’ll see.  Peace!

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