Monthly Archives: February 2009


I’m not sure why I look so forward to Friday nights.  Maybe more for the Saturday sleeping in and not going to work.  But Friday nights are severely lacking.

I think I hate Friday nights as much as I do because it’s the one night a week I am almost guaranteed to believe the lie that I don’t have much to offer that’s valued by others.  And so my isolation, partially my fault for not taking action against it, is amplified by the reverberations in an empty house.  If only working ahead or applying for jobs or doing chores gave so much satisfaction as an hour spent with someone else.

Or perhaps I’m emotional tonight.  Next week I have plans on Friday night, so it might be better.

answered prayer

I was struggling to make it through disciplined quiet time amid the stress and strenuous planning attributed to student teaching when I uttered a small prayer:  God create in me a desire for your word.  Lord spark my hunger.

Well, he answered bigtime.  Through convos and chance listening to the radio and messages I have been led to specific scripture that has pointed me to God’s Word and what I’ve replaced it with in my life.

And tonight, I am hungry as all get out for the word.  In fact, I’m headin’ out of this here computin’ to get some time with it.  Beautiful that God richly and abundantly provides what we need even when we’re almost too lazy to ask for it.


This week was dark clouds and gloom for me.  Uncertainty about England, isolation from folks I love and miss (coupled with being home alone…mostly…for 5 days straight), the burden of lots of work to do, and illness hung over my head with enormous clout.

But not today.

The sun came out today.  I had a really decent observation…this surprised me a little, but I wasn’t nervous going into it.  Nerves of steel (the phrase “like a cat” spoken in a particular rhythm, Sarah-style, comes to mind)…?  Nah.

The temps were high, the kids were a little goofy, and tomorrow’s casual Friday.  That’s right.  I’m bustin’ out the jeans.  No t-shirt, but close enough!

Peace to you :),