Monthly Archives: July 2009

dust off the clarinet, she’s coming back

I have been having a really busy and rewarding summer as a day camp leader.  It’s interesting being a leader…not unlike being a teacher.  A touch analogous, really.  As a student in school, I always had an image of teachers that included them living at the school, being perfect and really nice people with no lives outside of school.  Student teaching fixed that because I spent time with teachers who had lives and frustrations, differing work ethics and involvements outside the school.  They, as it turned out, are normal people.  Whew, I can be normal and a teacher! 🙂  Being a leader at Riverside has a similar effect on my perspective, however it’s a bit less dramatic because I only spent one summer as a senior counselor…and they aren’t quite the same as a student in say, a 2nd grade classroom.  They are more aware of things, you know?

What has been a blessing about this summer and the perspective shift that I’ve experienced is that leaders who direct aren’t necessarily bad or disliked.  And directing people with efficiency and logic in mind is one thing that I strive to do and feel I do pretty well.  I have feared being unpopular, and perhaps I am in a number of ways, but my goal is Christ.  I want my team to prepare in a certain way because it means the Gospel is presented for the campers the best it can be.  I take this ministry very seriously–it is from God–and to be firm is difficult, but necessary.

I’ve realized this about myself:  I like logic or reasoning for rules or directions.  I don’t need every direction reasoned and explained away, but I like to trust that they were founded in logic, and am hopeful that that logic points to the Word.  I think this is my leadership style…whereas I thought being in leadership might stir a powertrip in me.

I am far from perfect in leadership or otherwise, though.

I’m off to wash my laundry and pack it up again for another week of day camp.

Back to the subject line, though…at my closing program last night, I was reacquainted with a man who plays in the Ballard Community band.  His great grandson was in our Day Camp…so he came to watch.  I thought I recognized him, but it wasn’t until afterward when he stopped me to talk with me that I realized he was from the band.  He invited me to play in his Story City band.  To which my heart jumped.  And they really need clarinets.  score.