Daily Archives: August 26, 2009


The height of summer vacation hit today.  I figure it’s halfway point in my three weeks off, and today was a pretty glorious representation of the fabulous mixture of lounging and productivity.

My feats of accomplishment today were strictly limited to solving an iTunes dilemma that has plagued me since returning from England, crocheting 2 potholders (I know!), and I dabbled in fixing my iPod (unfortunately to no avail), cleaning the kitchen a bit, and teaching K to crochet for herself.  These are all relatively small but time-consuming events, so I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the enormous victory of getting things done while still being, for the most part, lazy.

Crocheting doesn’t get a lot of credibility from many knitters and when I read the blog posts or chapters about why knitting is superior to crocheting, I entirely agree…it just so happens, though, that crocheting is the perfect venue for getting rid of yarn and making a product fast.  I have buckets of acrylic yarn that I wouldn’t dream of using for anyone I love or care for, except in the form of a potholder.  Sadly afghans made by me are still acrylic, but they are washable (and somewhat more affordable…if I was to spend any more money on the yarn for afghans, as luxurious as it might be to knit, it would be decidedly better to just buy a nice wool blanket or something)…which could be a bonus if any recipients actually wash their afghans :).

I’m pleased with K’s crocheting aptitude.  She doesn’t particularly enjoy the craft either, but she agrees that its potholders are useful and is probably 1/3 of the way finished with her own.

I’m baking a peach pie in the near future.  I wonder what a bunch of non-ripe peaches will do to the pie…I am afraid the flavor will be lacking and the juiciness will not exist, yielding a drier and tasteless pie.  Sadly the last supper w/K is tomorrow night, so I’ll probably end up making it right away anyway.  Shoot.  Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes…blogging hasn’t been a priority lately.

Reading has, however.  I have read a hearty stack of books in the past week and a half, which is perfect because I’ll be returning them to the Story City Library on Saturday when I head up there for a retreat.  One of the books that I’m in the middle of happens to be rather slow going…but it’ll be monumental to finish, if I get that far.

Peace, and knit on!