pa to the thetic

It’s Friday night, and I’m in the office scooping the Internet loop.  E’s outta town, and my dad’s visiting K…so I can’t even go home and crash for a while.  I could go to my “home” in TH…but I spent most of the afternoon there.  I wanted to change the scenery.

I tracked down the Mortvedt piano again.  I’m not very good at piano, but I so enjoy playing.  I felt like I even made some progress practicing.  In light of an emotional health seminar I attended yesterday (don’t get me started), I think I can safely say I’m at a point in my emotional health tonight that made the sweet, sweet piano playing a bit sad.  I am nostalgic for my “former” life…that of a music major/teacher.  I love this job so far, but I’m not really understanding where my strengths fit into it.  God, I’m here, so what’s up now?  What am I bringing to this table?

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight.  What a disappointing movie.  I thought the story was interesting, but the way its story was told (in the midst of Hurricane Katrina…and did the clock-maker have to do with Benjamin’s curious life?) was cheesey.

Speaking of cheesey…I should go eat some leftovers.  Peace to you, and hope your weekend is pleasant!

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