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it’s fall y’all

What a beautiful fall day it is! I think one of my favorite fall leaf-changing plants is the “Burning Bush”, which happens to be really popular along my drive to church and camp. We used to have one in front of our house in Huxley which was consistently a fantastic shade of red in the fall, even when the other leaves were less spectacular. There are a couple of them outside of The Station, too, which once of my students noticed last week. What I love about these bushes is that when they change colors, it’s one bold statement of red. The leaves are so well dispersed that you can’t really see the space in between the branches. What if our lives reflected a similar transformation, so that when people looked at us they saw Christ in every aspect of what we do?

I’m reflecting on the thought:  Why did Jesus Have to Die? for a PowerLife talk on Wednesday, and the Bridge illustration is really heavy on my heart.  I think I’m going to share it with my Jr. High folks.  I had never heard of it before joining the Joshua team as a junior in college, but am glad for its simplicity and its message for a topic that is at the foundation of Christian doctrine.  No one took away Jesus’ life…he gave it up for us.

pray that my jr. high kids would start to get this.  That being Christian isn’t solely about going to church and doing good things and wearing the occasional cross, T-shirt, or WWJD bracelet to “advertise.”  Is that all that evangelism boils down to these days?  I hope and pray not.  I like how I heard it put once:  evangelism is really just one beggar telling another beggar where to find the bread.

ptl (I’m using an acronym…not sure how I feel about that!) that another beggar tipped me off about the location of the bread.

Read some ephesians 3 today.

hoo-yeah Tuesday

I’m going for world-record blog post speed today.  I am leaving for my discipler’s house in 15 minutes and I haven’t yet packed up my things to go.  I was reminded last night that it’s been a while since I posted.  I think the ever-blessed bullet points will serve me well.  If you don’t know me well, please take away one thing from this entry–bullet points are really not my style…I’m a full-fleshed paragrapher by nature.

  • the recharge this past weekend was totally awesome
  • I actually didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did
  • the kids coming made all the difference.
  • I went to a band and choir concert last night at Northview MS
  • it was awesome…I was impressed especially with the choir.
  • I drank great coffee today, yesterday, and the day before
  • I had a dream last night which was bad but I can’t remember it
  • I hit 3,000 miles on The Black Pearl last Thursday evening
  • I miss Karen really bad
  • I’m paranoid about missing something I’ve committed to, but I haven’t worked out a solution
  • today’s my first day off in 7 days
  • I get another one on Thursday.
  • I read a book last night that was really disjointed (yes, all in one night…sorry K, I missed your call)
  • today might be laundry day
  • it’s supposed to be warm today
  • I can’t remember anything else to write.

patty, over and out.

not working

I’ve pulled the on-the-clock-cord for the night and am writing for the sake of writing.  I don’t make time for superfluous Internet surfing these days (you can thank Cafe Diem for keeping me on the ‘net with free refills on iced tea, even if it’s oversteeped).

I’m not particularly inspired to write a great chronicle of my life since I last wrote, but I want to reflect momentarily on the time that I have had to be a YMT so far.  I think my perception of the job I am doing is one of uncertainty…I’m new at this, so I don’t even know how to analyze the stuff I’m doing yet…so it could be bad or not, but I am thankful for the plentiful encouragement that has been offered to me so far.  I suspect that I am riding the coattails of my predecessors who organized things well, but I like to think that a bit of my personal “touch” is seeping into what was already established.  For instance, I contributed an engaging activity for my confirmation group this week.  Thank you Human Relations for “Thought Museums”…you made this week!

I was reading Daniel yesterday and in light of a study I’ve started with my discipler realized that even though he was a young man (her text suggested in his teens…is this 1Timothy 4:12 or what!?), he was bold, wise, and dependent on the Lord in his leadership.  Even though he and the other “wise men of Babylon” had been condemned to die because the Chaldeans told the King no man in the world could tell and interpret his dreams without being told, Daniel acknowledged that fact by turning to God first.  When the mystery had been revealed to him, he was ready to stand up and face the King and the blunder of the last group to be called upon for help.   I resolved to depend on God.  I don’t have a bad record in front of me (thankfully!), and the “King” isn’t metaphorically represented in my situation, but I feel like I’m a young’un with lots of “impressioning” left in me.  Let the Lord make an impression in me, yes?

Whew.  Time for host home good-ness.  Over stimulated and sleep deprived :D.

Peace to you!