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I’ve pulled the on-the-clock-cord for the night and am writing for the sake of writing.  I don’t make time for superfluous Internet surfing these days (you can thank Cafe Diem for keeping me on the ‘net with free refills on iced tea, even if it’s oversteeped).

I’m not particularly inspired to write a great chronicle of my life since I last wrote, but I want to reflect momentarily on the time that I have had to be a YMT so far.  I think my perception of the job I am doing is one of uncertainty…I’m new at this, so I don’t even know how to analyze the stuff I’m doing yet…so it could be bad or not, but I am thankful for the plentiful encouragement that has been offered to me so far.  I suspect that I am riding the coattails of my predecessors who organized things well, but I like to think that a bit of my personal “touch” is seeping into what was already established.  For instance, I contributed an engaging activity for my confirmation group this week.  Thank you Human Relations for “Thought Museums”…you made this week!

I was reading Daniel yesterday and in light of a study I’ve started with my discipler realized that even though he was a young man (her text suggested in his teens…is this 1Timothy 4:12 or what!?), he was bold, wise, and dependent on the Lord in his leadership.  Even though he and the other “wise men of Babylon” had been condemned to die because the Chaldeans told the King no man in the world could tell and interpret his dreams without being told, Daniel acknowledged that fact by turning to God first.  When the mystery had been revealed to him, he was ready to stand up and face the King and the blunder of the last group to be called upon for help.   I resolved to depend on God.  I don’t have a bad record in front of me (thankfully!), and the “King” isn’t metaphorically represented in my situation, but I feel like I’m a young’un with lots of “impressioning” left in me.  Let the Lord make an impression in me, yes?

Whew.  Time for host home good-ness.  Over stimulated and sleep deprived :D.

Peace to you!

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