it’s fall y’all

What a beautiful fall day it is! I think one of my favorite fall leaf-changing plants is the “Burning Bush”, which happens to be really popular along my drive to church and camp. We used to have one in front of our house in Huxley which was consistently a fantastic shade of red in the fall, even when the other leaves were less spectacular. There are a couple of them outside of The Station, too, which once of my students noticed last week. What I love about these bushes is that when they change colors, it’s one bold statement of red. The leaves are so well dispersed that you can’t really see the space in between the branches. What if our lives reflected a similar transformation, so that when people looked at us they saw Christ in every aspect of what we do?

I’m reflecting on the thought:  Why did Jesus Have to Die? for a PowerLife talk on Wednesday, and the Bridge illustration is really heavy on my heart.  I think I’m going to share it with my Jr. High folks.  I had never heard of it before joining the Joshua team as a junior in college, but am glad for its simplicity and its message for a topic that is at the foundation of Christian doctrine.  No one took away Jesus’ life…he gave it up for us.

pray that my jr. high kids would start to get this.  That being Christian isn’t solely about going to church and doing good things and wearing the occasional cross, T-shirt, or WWJD bracelet to “advertise.”  Is that all that evangelism boils down to these days?  I hope and pray not.  I like how I heard it put once:  evangelism is really just one beggar telling another beggar where to find the bread.

ptl (I’m using an acronym…not sure how I feel about that!) that another beggar tipped me off about the location of the bread.

Read some ephesians 3 today.

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