Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

speedy delivery

I’m not a newborn Christian, yet I find myself being rather inexperienced with prayer.  Silly, right?  It’s a conversation between God, the Holy Spirit intercedes, it’s basic, essential, and rich.  And still, for some strange, inexplicable reason, I don’t have great expectations for my requests.  Not that I don’t ask in faith that God hears and responds…I do.  I just happen to assume that His reply will be “Wait”.  Part of that stems from the types of requests I’ve made in the past that have rightfully gotten the “hold your horses” reply…I’m thankful that God didn’t give a quick nod of approval to some of the pleadings of my heart because I’ve been able to know and appreciate the blessing in the wait-time.


But this week, He’s been moving at lightning pace to answer prayer.  It is rather empowering.  Encouraging, too.  I don’t mean to say I can get anything I want, but my faith in prayer and its answer is affirmed and inspired through it.


On Sunday I was tired.  I had had the high school recharge the previous two nights, which was totally awesome, and although I had gotten sleep, I woke up early in order to hang out with my dad before going to church.  By the time I pulled up to the middle school, I realized that I had about 4 hours of “taking in” ahead of me…and my focus was non-existent.  I wasn’t so tired I could fall asleep standing or sitting, but I knew my heart wasn’t really ready for worship, let alone 2 identical services in a row.  So I prayed for freshness, alertness, and that the experience wouldn’t be boring to me in my weary state of mind.  When I walked in the door, less than a minute after that prayer, I was greeted almost immediately by the children’s ministry coordinator.  She asked me how I felt about kindergarten, to which I replied–I love them!–and she asked if I would be a sub for the kindergarten section of the children’s ministry.  I got to hang out with 7 (I think) 5-year olds and teach them about Jesus, sing some songs (including Christmas songs for their upcoming program), play a bit, draw a bit, and enjoy them.  I expected to do it for both services, but God provided freshness in the coordinator informing me that I could go ahead and go to worship for the second service, as they had someone else coming in to teach that service.


Even yesterday, as a culminating forlorn prayer for company and fellowship was offered, I received an email response to a guest card I had filled out at a nearby church…and another response when I followed that one with a reply.  I might have an age-similar small group coming up, and my encouragement is unmatched–for weeks I have met some dead ends in this regard, but there is hope!


I’ll challenge you to be open to God’s response.  Don’t expect Him to answer right away OR later…recall that His timing is for a greater purpose.


Off to do laundry and figure out a menu for dinner tonight.  Peace to you!