it’s a year of community for Hope in 2010, which is exciting because I’ve been craving it (and have especially noticed its value in my life, now that I don’t have a small group).

and I’m playing in community band tonight.  Similarly exciting and relevant.

okay, off the community horse.  Why is discerning the future so important to me lately?  I don’t have any decisions to make, but I insist on “worrying” about them.  I receive a compliment from someone about a gift or skill they’ve noticed I have and I wonder what sort of ramifications (well…results) will, well…result.  Does that mean you think I should be doing that next year?  I know it boils down to what God would have me do, but how can I be sure?  I was talking with someone (joking) that if you received a text message from God telling you what to do in life, it’d be sweet.  I thought it’d be miraculous, especially since I have blocked texting on my phone.  I don’t want to put God to the test, limit his lines of communication…but I’d delight in him cleaning out my ears or giving me an aid of some sort so that I could understand what He says with total confidence.

James 1 says to ask God for wisdom and expect Him to give it generously without finding fault.  I’m doing that a lot lately–granted, once would be enough, but I feel like I keep coming up with another angle of wisdom in discernment that I need to ask for more.

If I had my guitar here, I’d probably play and sing at the top of my lungs.  I feel like worshipping.  I don’t have much in the way of music on my computer (it’s on an external hard drive), so I could search for stuff on youtube…or make due with what I have.  Hmm.

I have a new Mum [plant].  A gave it to dad a while back and he gave it to me so I could replant it in the ground and use its pot and dirt to plant my basil.  I think I might try to revive it (it was outside, where it’s been getting cold), as there is still some green on the plant.  I thought it would be funny to call it Dad or something.  Then I could say, this is my mum, Dad.  I’m thinking of the perfect pun still, so don’t hold your breath.

I’m making little ornaments to distribute to congregation members for advent so they pray for students.  I don’t know if it’ll fly with them, but I’ve had fun learning about each student as I make the ornaments (I list the activities they listed on their registration…when it comes time for high school, I’m in trouble), and pray for them.  Maybe I should make a whole bunch for myself.  The best part of it all is that I got the paper and the ribbon half off.  Hobby Lobby had all gift wrapping stuff 50% off, and the scrapbook paper was, too.  I thought I was getting cardstock…but alas, I wasn’t.  Still made it work, though.  They open up.  And have glitter.  Love it.

I think I’m going to print a couple PL pix and maybe whip out the clarinet before heading to H-town for some band extravagance.  Yesssss!  I have missed playing, especially as reminiscing with a bunch of CDs I sorted yesterday.  While my junior high school taste in music was appalling (Lou Bega?  SmashMouth’s later album), I started picking out classier stuff in late HS and college…including the UISO recording of Verdi’s Requiem I played principal in as a sophomore in college.  The clarinet part is easy to pick out (and sometimes I find myself thinking, Patty, hold that full value), but the work en masse is a treat.  It took me a whole trip to SC from Ames, a trip to Ankeny, and most of a trip to WDM to finish it.  Anyway, the more I think about the music that is absent from my current job, the more I want to make sure I don’t lose it.

Which gives me EVEN more things to think about.  Will you pray for my wisdom too?  Thanks!

Okay…dinner is finished (bagel dipped in cream cheese…not exactly what hit the spot, but convenient enough), and I have a couple things to do.  I pray you are well!

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