back to it

Today is my first day of work in a week.  A lot has happened this week and as I think about what there is to come in the next few weeks and beyond that, I am terrified and jubilant.  First, terrified because it’s a lot to handle.  Jubilant because there is even more weakness to bring God’s power to the forefront and the light!

Colossians 1:17, anyone?

He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.  NLT

The return of community is SUCH a blessing to me.  I’m on the verge of friendships in my connection group, which brings joy to my heart.  When I was sitting at our “table” (a plastic table cloth on the floor with 15 people seated around it), I looked up and around the table and was indescribably blessed by the act of sharing a meal with people, and they had it right…we weren’t split up into factions and corners and couches.  We were all together.  It is really beautiful.  I beamed (probably inwardly, but possibly outwardly…I didn’t take time to notice).

It makes me think a bit of the Passover Feast Jesus had with his disciples right before the cross…the last supper.  He knew these people well, had spent years of his life with them.  They broke bread together, and it wasn’t just symbolic.  At a big church, celebrating communion is understandably less like a family style meal and more like a drive through, but stopping to think about the love and community we too enjoy with Christ…it means it’s not just a wafer and a sip of wine/juice.  When we partake in the feast we are joining brothers and sisters we share unity in Christ with…even without knowing them (yet).  The act itself isn’t salvation any more than good works are, but it’s a privilege of the grace the church body has received.

Speaking of that word just…I just watched Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Mahoney’s character (natalie portman) accuses the mutant of being a “just man”…just a toy shop, etc.  It made me think of the limited expectations we have for God especially as we pray.  I’m more in favor of really big because I know that my idea of really big is still incomprehensibly smaller than God’s capacity for action.  Let’s not just pray for comfort for the sick, let’s pray to abolish illness.  Let’s not pray for just a number of new hearts for Christ, let’s pray for all hearts.  This idea is more in theory than practice for me, for now, but I can’t really think of a good reason why we should cut God short.  Granted, He continues to surpass the huge hopes we have, but yeah.

It’s just a collection of thoughts.  Take or leave as you will.

And to conclude, I am excited for the following:
extended quiet times
grocery shopping tonight/tomorrow!
mpls next weekend
hanging pictures in my room.


peace out, home-slices.

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