hip hip hip high

Blizzard conditions all day today have prevented me from working.  That has made this a really interesting “work week” as I took Monday off, had Tuesday off, and am unable to access my work email to do any work there.  My attempt to work today so far has consisted of hiking to the dining hall (the office was too far) in really deep snow drifts to use the Internet.  I’m planning a hasty return to Trinity House soon.

When I went to the kitchen area to make coffee this morning, I stayed for an hour and watched an IPTV show about Origami.  It was fascinating.  I came back to find that my door had blown open into my room, allowing snow to blow in big time.  This was not a good thing to come back to because I’m realizing that my door is having difficulty staying shut.  I can put something in front of it while I’m there, but when I’m gone (now) I can’t do anything about it.

Today, with email being down at church, I have a great opportunity to do some “knee” work.  I think that is what my afternoon will consist of (or even this morning if I can make it back to TH before noon 🙂 ).  Should be beautiful!

And, as this blog is a “knitting” blog, I’ll report that I’m close to finishing a scarf I cast on about 2 years ago…it was hibernating for the bulk of that time…just didn’t know what to do with it or who to give it to.  With the current weather, I’m contemplating keeping it, but likely won’t because what I would really want to wear would be a green wool scarf (which I coincidentally have the yarn for…).

Peace to you, and my apologies if you are reading this and finding disappointment for such a scattered and surface-level post.


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