i’ve heard someone say before that if things are going really well that maybe you’re overlooking some stuff that isn’t so great (not to be pessimistic…i’m sure i’ve butchered what they actually said).  lately i think that’s been the truth.  i spend time with God and i spend time desiring Him and His will, His plan for my life, and yet i consider myself to be pretty top notch.

when challenged to ponder our shortcomings and the lies we believe or the truths we have difficulty believing (or connecting heart and head knowledge), the realization that grace is an every day, hour, minute, second need is overwhelming. the free offering of that grace is grace in itself.  i was encouraged while re-reading a book called the fuel and the flame by Steve Shadrach (great name, huh) this morning:

“You may be struggling right now, feeling like you just don’t measure up because you see so many areas of your life where you fall short.  If you’ll commit to view yourself like God views you, it will produce in you a healthy confidence and self-esteem.  Most of us look at ourselves as sinners.  Yet the Bible calls us saints, holy ones, or righteous ones 240 times, while at the same time it refers to unbelievers as sinners over 330 times.  When we joined God’s family we were completely forgiven of our sins, and we stand holy and blameless in God’s sight because the Father only sees the righteous blood of Jesus when He looks at us.  We are truly saints (who occasionally sin!) in His eyes, rather than sinners.” (29)

That’s a long quote, but it encouraged me.  occasionally sin…well, that’s just flattering, but knowing that God looks on us lovingly and with pleasure…that is humbling.

i should probably fit some lunch into my lunch hour…but hope that you are well.

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