Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

oh happy day

Lately waking up early has been impossible.  It’s a combination of going to bed too late, the glorious mountain of covers and flannel sheets enveloping me in bed, and the prospect of going outside just to start the coffee.  Today I tackled it though–got up early and got moving early!  I was, in fact, ready to go by 6:45 and headed to the office to get some stuff done before heading to Ankeny for the morning.

Between yesterday afternoon and today God has been on the move in my life…not that He ever stops, but His encouragement and lessons are so clearly timed.  If I didn’t know better, I’d chalk it up to coincidence, but that’s just it–I do know better.  God’s hand is in this week, and He’s to be glorified even more.

I’m in the process of making a “ridiculous gift” for a gift exchange.  It’s really exciting because I have the perfect ridiculous gift (if I can finish it in time, which is seriously questionable at this rate of only having cast on and knit an inch and a half).  I won’t divulge the glorious secret here, just in case, but I’ll try to add a picture when I am finished because it’s a grandaddy of a project.

Hymns and Starfield have been flooding my mind lately.  I wish I had more hymn material (or a piano so I could work out the unfamiliar ones in my hymnal more easily than chord-find note-chord-find note-sight sing-chord-disaster.  The lyrics are so artfully composed and the truth within so vital.  I am continually blessed when we sing old stuff at contemporary style worship services.  Let’s not lose solid, God-honoring worship works in favor of the easy-to-sing and zone-out popular stuff.  Not to say all new music is like that, of course.  Starfield has been rocking my car CD player and my computer, too.    There are others.

I’m amazed at God’s provision today.  After reading about Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 this morning, I am even blessing the name of the Lord for the way He humbles us.  Note (if you’ll turn to it) that ol’ Neb was given a warning and 12 months to repent, but God’s patience had a limit and when Neb gave himself all the glory and might for having “created” such a fantastic city (Babylon), God pulled the plug and removed him from every part of his kingdom.  He stayed this way for 7 years (times…which may mean 7 cycles of the seasons) until he repented and recognized the Lord of the Heavens for who He is.  I’m taking from Beth Moore’s study here, but in his dream he saw a great tree (himself) and then someone came and chopped it down to a stump, but then the stump was protected from being destroyed.  Even though God humbled him totally, he didn’t allow him to be destroyed.  When we’re humbled, we’re protected.  Our brokenness isn’t total because God still has us.  I love that about God.  We can be totally consumed with ourselves and exceed his limit of patience, but He doesn’t let that remove us from his care (Romans 8:38-39).

I hope, for your sake, that you can meet a really sweet barista  today at Starbucks who makes you a custom french pressed Christmas Blend in the afternoon because you don’t really like Pike Place, which is all they serve after 12 pm (wretched, too).  And then asks what you’re knitting, and when you mention it (ridiculous white elephant gift), she is delighted.

Peace to you!