Monthly Archives: December 2009

baker maker

what are your hobbies/interests?

baking and making, pretty much.

I baked a lot yesterday (perhaps a little overboard).  It’s kind of an emotional thing, you know.  At least, it’s an emotion-response of mine…except I end up with more than I should and probably could eat.  For instance, I’ve got basically my favorite sugar cookie ever, which has been nominally popular with the parties with whom it has been shared.  More for me (heh heh).  Except more means about 80 perfect sand-dollar sized cookies.

I had triscuits and said cookies for lunch.  My stomach has been talking to me, but I don’t think I can really comply to its wanton grumbles with the only “fruit” in my office (m&ms).  Technically I have banana bread, but so far I’ve taken others’ reviews as enough reason to believe it’s good without needing to partake.  Banana bread appeals to me sometimes, but not at the moment.  It was my assigned “treat” day for the year of staff meetings, so I brought in breakfasty treats, including cranberry lemon scones.  Next time I’ll do blueberry and lemon.  A total delight, though.  Really satisfactory, even with the craisins.

I’m not running around with my head cut off for tonight, so I think I’d better rethink everything once more and then spend some time praying for kiddos.  What a great “problem” to have (extra time!).

I hope you’re well 🙂