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I watched Julie and Julia for the first time last night, and it was one of the best movies I have seen in a while–for a number of reasons, too.  To rattle off a couple really quickly:

The movie defied my natural preference for a re-cast Cinderella love story (it was not your classic chick-flick).

The movie had characters who idealized classy-ness.  The costumes were great, the marriage relationship valued in both storylines (no scandalous affairs!).

The cooking/blogging theme runs in my own life.

In the past couple weeks (okay, it might be a full month by now), I have been exposed to more old-time movies than ever before in my life (a similar feat accomplished in such a span would be my beach/ocean experiences prior to Cornwall and during Cornwall), and in combination with ballroom dancing, has stirred up my itch to be classy.  I am finishing knitting projects (is this a new year’s resolution destined to fail?), I aspire to bake pretty things, I want to get some parts of my life “together” and be content to let others be less than just-so.  I won’t buy into the lie that any one person (woman, in particular) can have it all together, but I think I can re-focus my attentions to get the right things more together…so hopefully that means I am safe from the pitfall of attempting it.  I’ll probably still attempt it, but if that becomes the case, please stop me in my tracks and remind me I’m still fallible.

This movie was inspirational, in a word.

Have a splendid Tuesday, and Go Hawks!

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