take it away

I have been listening to Anthem‘s album “One Life” pretty much non-stop all week long, and the Selah tracks (sort of transitional, improv-like) have been hitting me hard core lately.  Here are the lyrics for you:

Countries conspire
You have disposed their kings
Held back the sea
And set whole peoples free
Became a man
Taught us to live again
Defeated death
Rising again to glory
Angelic host
Praise must be deafening, yeah
Oh, we’ve come to see
And worship the one, true King
Take it away

“praise must be deafening.”  This phrase resonates so deeply with me because I long for the day that I am in the company of God’s Kingdom in total worship–I can imagine the deafening…it’s going to be great (just imagine how great an entire crowd of people singing something lame like Jingle Bells sounds…and then multiply it by all of God’s people).  I think this picture of heaven was incomprehensible to me for a really long time because there wasn’t really anything special about worship (and how I have shifted)…when I first started going to church in 6th grade, I didn’t really separate the worship from the “service”…you sing some hymns and liturgy, you hear some texts, you pray, you shake hands, you commune.  I’m not sure when the switch happened, and perhaps it was a simple as a lingo thing…naming the half-hour of singing in the contemporary services at Parkview and my later churches since then, but now I’m anxious anxious anxious for that day.  Mmhmm.

I  am off to do some laundry and whip some cream for the first time in my life.  I just read that you can in fact do it by hand, so I’m going to attempt it (with a whisk, naturally…a new and loved addition to the kitchen since break).

Praise God for the sunlight and the blessing that is today!

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