orange you glad? I am.

It’s Thursday (though it feels a bit like Friday), and I am full of joy.  Part of it is probably the awesome discipling/Bible Study time I had today.  I worked for a while and then headed to that, so it was a really great day-breaker-upper.  Lunch was a disappointing salad and sandwich from Harlan’s, but that was the only dampening in my day.

I have been over-caffeinated today, which probably added to the physical feeling of elation…increased heart rate, no doubt.

The Bible Study today was over the fifth chapter of Daniel.  I love this study (by Beth Moore) because it’s giving attention to truth in my life and she is all about being intentional about it.  I so enjoy the instruction that gives me insight into word choice (the original words and their inferred meanings especially, which are a bit lost on me by just reading the English version(s) without references.

I need to head out so I can get to our Christmas Party on time (our staff is getting together)…so Merry Christmas again!!


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