I’m taking Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and the reading for this week kind of blew me away.  The conclusions the various authors presented were probably not that far from my later concluding, but to “hear” it again and again all in the same sitting:  wow.

I don’t have the reading and study materials here in front of me, but as we’re in the second week, we’re still exploring the mission and purpose for mission.  A couple authors were pretty good at pointing out that mission driven by human compassion for human needs isn’t sustainable for long.  My long-standing impression of missions has been one of compassion; when I was younger I saw missions like mission-trips at church…go paint some stuff, serve some meals, lead Bible school, or similar need-filling activity.  More recently my heart has been struck with compassion for the lost people who need salvation.  While these needs are not to be neglected, the authors, in an overarching way, said that the purpose for mission is to bring worship to God.   John Piper said:  “Missions exist because worship doesn’t.”  There’s a bunch of scripture referencing to back this up, and I wish I had the capacity to remember these verses (so many) so I could share it here, but as I learn more about this, I am changing.  It’s exciting.

And that said, I should probably pack up the computer and head back to TH for a quiet afternoon.  Peace.

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