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dancehall days

It’s not a classic song of the 1980s; it’s ballroom dancing at Lake Robbins Ball Room near Woodward, Iowa.  I went again with my connection group [read: small group] tonight, and it was good, old-fashioned fun.

For starters, the dance hall has been around since 1931, I believe.  That’s pretty fantastic.  Secondly, there’s live music and a bunch of really cute old couples who dance really well.  Thirdly, going makes me believe that I have, somewhere deep inside of me, some ability to dance.

I’d wanted to try swing dancing in college, and actually made it to a swing dance where I found the number of single gals to be so overwhelming that they were learning the lead part and dancing with one another.  I was afraid that this dancing might end up like that (before I went) and was pretty hesitant to try because I didn’t want to go to all the trouble of working up the self-esteem necessary to go dancing only to dance with another bashful, giggling girl like myself.  The mixture of guys and gals in my group is pretty equal and is reflected pretty much in the ballroom crowd, so though there is some sitting out, there isn’t any awkward school-dance/wedding dance circles and shifty-eyed swaying waiting for the lone male partner to make the rounds.

But going dancing isn’t about the partners, or the incredible steps you get to learn (which I have a deeper appreciation for; there’s a lot to know).  It’s wholesome fun.  We did a schlotage (total butcher for the name…basically a circle dance where you switch partners every 8 bars or so) and I was horrendous, but I got to dance with some older gentlemen…some of them were excellent at giving me direction, some of them were quiet and stoic, offering a polite thank you at the end of our turn, some of them mixed me up by calling out the wrong direction.  It was fun though–you see the twinkle in their eye and you just know they are as young as they ever were but their body rebelled and aged.  I want to be old like that.

The community is pretty rich, too, and the more people I talk to the more I hear agreement to that point.  Something good is going on within this small group that we can study the Bible together and be friends on other days/nights of the week.  I feel genuinely and richly welcome in this group by no extraneous effort of my own, and it’s beautiful.  I was telling Karen that it makes me want to treat people differently–to be aware of the powerful acceptance we can gift to others.  I’m a  person who has repeatedly worked hard to get “in” with people only to be disappointed by the eventual revelation that I was never that in.  I haven’t worked that hard, but I’m certain I’m in.  This is the church; I love it.

Work starts up again on Tuesday, so I’d better get myself psyched up for that.  Orange Bowl goodness for my Hawkeyes, too.  I’ll miss having KJ around big time.  Life goes on whether or not we’re ready for it, sadly.

Good night!

what’s nu? who knew? new year.

sorry for the lame subject line.  It’s actually the 1st as I write this…not the 2nd, as wordpress would tell you.

today i got really excited about embroidery again, thanks to a super cool book i got for a christmas present.  i took k to camp (where we went sledding, and it was totally fly, except abominably cold) and grabbed my box of embroidery stuff to take back home with me.  i worked on a dish towel tonight. it has a bird on it.  i think it’s cute.  it’ll probably stay in my kitchen, so it doesn’t matter if no one else thinks it is cute :).

with the new year comes the need for a new bible reading plan, and the one below is the one cornerstone is endorsing.  you may have one in mind already, but this (not unlike the discipleship plan, which i’m largely in favor of) gets you in the old testament and new testament daily.  except for weekends, i think…which makes it a little funny.  oh well!

Bible Reading Plan

on our way back from camp (after having done some cleaning in my room and getting rid of 4 bags of papers that have been sitting around), we saw a sundog.  in spite of it being really cold outside, it has been really pristine (great sunlight, too), and the sundog was icing on the cake.

with a new year comes a new challenge to write the correct date (and figure out how to call it…i think two-thousand-ten will suffice for me, but oh-ten will be a habit after years of oh-___).  i should probably do that now…

peace to you!