Daily Archives: February 8, 2010

grocery shopping

I love to grocery shop, no doubt.  I have for a while, and it might have been my grandma who put the bee in my bonnet to enjoy it (especially trips with her during my UI years for special treats).  I was thinking about it the other day as I had finished explaining to someone the magic and inexpressible joy of potential upon entering a grocery store, and I realized that grocery shopping is experiencing God’s provision.

Think of it:  you walk into the store with money.  This money has been entrusted to you (whether you “earned” it at work, using God-given abilities in a job He provided, or were gifted, in remembrance or honor of His gift-giving), but it isn’t really your own.  Here in America and over in England, the only places on this earth that I have shopped for food, choice and quality are abundant.  When I watched End of the Spear a couple weeks ago, it included a short documentary of the tribesman’s first trip to America and a voice-over explanation of “hunting” here (it was funny, perhaps you can see it) which caused me to reflect on how wealthy we are in terms of food (among other things).  We can also glean lessons about stewardship…looking at the nutrition and enjoyment factors of food that we select, sale prices, and smart shopping.

These thoughts aren’t developed, but how can we look at grocery shopping as a chore at all?  It’s simple, it’s eliminating (at least for us, the passive consumers) the toil of the land from our basic nutritional needs.  I suppose you could argue the toil of the land is transferred to other aspects of our lives that enable us to purchase food…but work with me here :).

What news of Kent?  We’ve got another winter snowstorm today, which means travel is a no-go (and I have to miss Zumba again, which has become a total joy!).  Fortunately I have a pretty safe amount of work to occupy myself at camp rather than going to the church office tomorrow, but it’s as tiresome as it is beautiful.  My ability to concentrate is impeded at the present, too.    Not anything in particular.

I’m going to fight the distraction and work in solitude.  Peace!