it’s pancake day, yo.

When in Cornwall, I was surprised to hear of the day before Lent (“fat Tuesday” or “mardi gras” in the US) to be called pancake day.  This may be more attributed to my inattention to current events than to its existence or being known in the States, but I thought it was an interesting concept and kind of told myself that I would do something about it the next time pancake day came around.  It happens also to be my half birthday (or my birt…which is literally half of birthday), so perhaps I will celebrate both with a hearty and filling round of pancakes when I get home.  Perhaps I should go all out and make the British version, complete with lemon and sugar.  Might be fun.

God has been teaching me that prayer is quite powerful.  Not to say I have prayer “figured out” so I can send magic-like requests which are answered promptly as I ask them to be…that’s not the case at all, but I find that in an attitude of prayer my thoughts and reactions are filtered in such a way that I’m looking for God’s hand in a situation.  This also not to say I’m attributing all circumstances to him, though He is in control of the Universe, evil happens apart from Him and can be reigned in for his glory (this stupefies me…it’s not sugar-coating disaster, as I’ve thought of it occasionally, it’s transforming evil or bringing forth light through darkness…I don’t get it at all).

I was prompted to pray through a passage of scripture last night, and though I do that in portions often as I reflect on a verse or a small chunk, it was really cool to take a Psalm of David and pray it with specifics added and elaborations for the circumstances.  It goes beyond the normal quiet time reading, which is sadly a regimented thing.  As much as I love the discipline which has grown into fondness and is easy to carry out, it’s so natural to slip into box-checking Christendom.  Praying through scripture shakes it up.  I like it.  This morning it was Psalm 33.  Look at verses 20-22 (21 makes me think of K without fail) especially.

I get to grocery shop tonight.  You might know what this means to me.  If not, I wrote about it.

Back to work.  It’s a quiet week, despite Lent kicking off tomorrow…inevitably the calm before the storm (what storm?  I take comfort from Mark 4:39-41…Jesus has dominion over the storms in this life).  Peace and pancakes!

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