Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

for the record

Hey, it’s been a “first” day for me.  I got my first parking ticket.  Ouch.

I met my friend for a delightful hour of coffee and chatting in downtown Ames, and though the person before me left 58 minutes and I added another half hour, when time got away from me a bit and I went to plug the meter, I discovered a ticket had been issued approximately 3 minutes after the expiration of the meter (might have been 2).  Fair game, yes.  It was just that I got a ticket, especially as I went to fix the problem a full 10 minutes after the expiration, but ouch.  So now when I am applying for things that ask about my record, I can’t just skim over it and say “well, I don’t have any sort of record” (even though parking violations aren’t usually counted unless you don’t  pay them).  To further amuse you, readers, I paid the ticket less than an hour after the expiration of the meter, to an unhappy clerk who was happy to ignore me.  I wished her a nice day and she gave me a bit of a surprised look.

I’ve been challenged in matters of obedience to traffic laws lately.  I’ve never been a speeder, but the other day on the Interstate I found myself really boxed in by a variable speed driver (if it was you, can I encourage you to practice driving without fluctuating your speed so much?).  It was by a pretty busy ramp system and I was put in a tight spot and was really tempted to speed just to avoid the hazard of the entering cars and the driver who was in a slump in front of me.  The worst is when you pass one  of these variable speed drivers and the appearance of you, going the speed limit,  in the side mirrors prompts them to speed up and pass you in the right lane while the cars in back of you (not wanting to go the speed limit but above) in the left lane and the approaching cars in the right lane give you almost nowhere to go.  Obeying the speed limit is really challenging in those situations…it’s not that I want to get ahead or be faster than anyone, I just want to be secure and safely left alone in my happy right lane.

I came here (D’s house) to work on my  homework, so I’ll get to that.  I’m really caffeinated, so that should help my focus for the time being!  Peace to you, patty