Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

extra mile

tonight at Ignition we looked at Matthew 5:41 among other verses.  We read the NLT version:

If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles

and here’s the NIV:

If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

This was the advice my parents gave me when I was starting clarinet.  If your teacher says practice 20 minutes, go for 40 minutes.  You get the gist.  But when I was listening to the talk tonight I got to thinking, this is really where the extra mile comes from, isn’t it?  I have friends who have poured their hearts into their work, really going the extra mile despite crappy work situations (whether it’s the atmosphere created by the boss, the nature of the work, or even coworker drama), and it’s super encouraging for me to take a step back and see them working as for Christ, literally going the extra mile.

I have a pretty cushy work experience, let’s face it.  My employers and coworkers all love and serve Jesus Christ.  All of them.  And yet things aren’t rosy in my eyes all the time (perhaps I am conditioned to the wonderfulness)…mis-communications still tick me off (my response is important, but so is my heart attitude!), I have lazy spells where I’d prefer to just take the day off and rest, I find my wheels spinning by my inability to focus on the task at hand (at least without stopping to think about the other tasks to follow 20 times per hour).  I don’t really get negative feedback on my work, but I don’t go the extra mile all the time.  Add that to the list of areas for growth and prayer…

Can I just say that even though I don’t really have a weekend this weekend that I’m looking forward to the weekend?  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, too.  Somehow in the next three days I have about 3 hours left of reading to do for Perspectives, which is going to require some eye-teeth and strong coffee (heh, speaking of which, I made some at church tonight and it was the best I’ve had at church thus far…brand new bag of coffee without the appropriate “measure” cup means Patty makes it up and enjoys the sweet bitter success of rich coffee).

take care and drive safe.  that seems to be my greeting of the night.  peace, yo.